HANA S. ALAMUDDIN R.I.B.A , Smarchs ( M.I.T )

Royal Institute of British Architects: Reg # 5146335 1987
U.K Chartered Architect: Reg # 51850K (ARCUK) U.K.
Order of Engineers and Architects. Lebanon: Reg # 17928

Ms. Alamuddin graduated with a post professional Masterís degree ( SMarchS ) from M.I.T , U.S.A in 1987. She completed her professional qualifications from Greenwich University, U.K 1985 . A member of R.I.B.A and the Order of Engineers Lebanon, she started Almimariya in 1999. Ms Alamuddin also lectures at the American University of Beirut since 1994 in her area of research , sustainable development and construction. Ms. Alamuddin was a techincal reveiwer for the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture for three cycles, and in 2005 , was a consultant for the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction in Lebanon.

Association Pour la Protection des Sites et Anciennes Demeurs. Liban A.P.S.A.D. Executive Committee June 99 -Jan 2010
Ministry of Culture:Technical Committee for the Preservation of the Architectural Heritage of Beirut Lebanon July 96-Sep 98
Ministry of Culture:Advisory Board for Maison des Arts et la Culture
Centre Libano-Omanais:May 2008-January 2010
LGBC Chair Technical Committee:August 2013