Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2017

Our vision is the celebration of Place. The proposal is for a holistic resort, with nature as host, indigenous wisdom as guide, for the purpose of the wellness of man and nature.

As per the pilgrimages of the indigenous tribes, the proposed holistic resort connects the sea and mountain with the cable-car and through various programs that progress from the public hub along the main road to meditative temples in the mountains.

The aim is to provide wellness in its five aspects: physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well being through the engagement of hosts and guests. Participation in, still relevant, local traditions of agriculture, cooking, music, arts and storytelling, will engage visitors in the cultural landscape increasing their understanding; “when people learn about the inherent beauty and healing power found in the Huichol way of life, they would want to support the cultural and spiritual survival of the Huichol Indians” (www.shamanism.com).

Underlying all activities is the environmental wellness of the site. The zoning of the master plan is a direct response to the site conditions. With climate change, rain and storms intensify; therefore, a main concern for the site design is the issue of rainwater harvesting to heal nature and use this precious resource wisely.

Structures are designed with minimal impact on the environment, whether the circulation networks like the cable-car, use of existing roads or walking trails, or the habitable units; or power that is generated by solar energy in several locations thus also increasing the resilience of the project.

The beauty of the project is that it caters from guests with accommodation (76 double rooms in total) immersed in four different settings. Facilities are open for the immediate and larger community offering goods: organic fruit, nuts, vegetables, herbs; and services: spa treatments, workshops, etc. increasing its economic resilience.