Mosul, the City of Resilience

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”  Rumi

Our vision is to let the post-war reconstruction of Mosul be an opportunity to build city resilience of the 21st century through social green networks for rebuilding communities. Resilience at every scale , starts with the house and ends at the city level with connectivity as an approach. Connecting with the heritage of Mosul by learning from it .

The typology of courtyards , environmentally efficient , socially appropriate and culturally relevant to both the urban and rural communities, brings nature into the heart of the home giving sustenance, joy and supporting small scale agriculture to empower women .The unit built on a module system allows flexibility . Starting with a core, it grows. Stacked, attached and assembled , the units form new blocks within the existing street network , maintaining the old structure and memory of the city. However, green community spaces are now the core of the blocks, reconnecting people together as they return home. The spaces within the blocks themselves are linked to form a green network across the city providing opportunities for social interactions. The green networks are supported by rain water harvesting at block level to reinforce resilience by preserving crucial resources. Therefore, instead of the buildings eating up nature, let nature come into the city at every scale creating opportunities for community rebuilding, crucial for city resilience.