Aabey, Kaza Aley, Lebanon, 2016

The proposed community park is located on a site bought by the municipality in 2015 to build a public school. A community hall is also planned for the site to bring the diverse communities together. The proposed park is an outdoor extension to the functions of learning and communal gatherings and a catalyst to introduce people to the location. At the location of the garden, a small ruin and an old Pine tree is said to be of the first settlement of the village of Aabey.

Hence, the location is meaningful for both communities of the village.

Native vegetation and natural levels on site informed the ecological design approach:

  • The Old pine tree and the flat area around it become a main gathering space.
  • In the kids area، each natural level is enhanced and assigned a specific tree to play around and learn from.

To facilitate the funding of the project, the scheme has been studied so that it can be executed in phases and the proposed garden furniture can all be procured locally.

Area: 2700 sq.m