Jeddah, K.S.A, 2006

The site of the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Conferences is in a rundown area. The project is to work as a catalyst for redevelopment. We proposed a linear axis. Hence, just like the O.I.C. brings together the Muslim world to celebrate its unity and rich diversity, we hope that the axis will bring the city together to celebrate its richness.

Phase 1: Urban Design

The urban design concept celebrates our context, the city of Jeddah, thourgh an urban vision appropriate to its culture, history and environment, worthy of its inhabitants and visitors.

Our vision is to develop the area as a leading global example of sustainable development related in its context and offering job opportunities. A public spine of courts and gardens defined by, cultural, educational, commercial, and leisure complexes would play an active role in the life of the city offering a rich variety of activities, gatherings and environmentally appropriate open spaces. The culminating point in this procession of gatherings and activities is the Organization of Islamic Countries, which brings together the whole of the Moslem world to celebrate its prevailing unity and rich diversity.

Out of 83 entries, one of ten project short-listed for phase 2.

Phase 2: Building and Landscape

Building Concept…

The building is a simple cube, a powerful symbol of unity and stability. Within this simple form is a complex inner composition that reflects diversity and richness, held together by a clear structural order. Within this order is the series of inner courtyards and hanging gardens that continue the principal, proposed city axis of gardens and courtyards. The reflective pool reflects this axis vertically both through the physical reflection of the water and the reflection of prayer in the prayer garden.

Landscape Concept…

” The Islamic garden is first of all a life sustaining oasis benefiting humans, birds and animals….Its trees provide food and  useful and beneficial as it  is beautiful” Llewellyn O.

The site therefore is an oasis, a date palm grove. A grove of palms of local appropriate species of trees, making the landscape of the OIC a. sustainable working garden of an ecologically natural habitat.