Nabaa, Lebanon, 2007

Our vision is to create a project of sustainable development for the area of Nabaa – Sin el-Fil, providing much needed services within a green environment that is economically sustainable.

Subsidized accommodation for the elderly is allocated on the ground and first floors of the project to facilitate accessibility, connectivity and thus the residents’ integration in the community.

The adopted design measures ensure that the elderly homes engage positively with the street and the natural environment. Multipurpose spaces, designed to support a wide range of actives, act as “community hubs” for residents to socialize which each other and with the rest of the community. The natural environment is nurtured through the preservation of an existing public garden and introduction of new green areas within the buildings.

Flats allocated on the upper floors are conceived as student accommodation; their rent, as well as of the multipurpose spaces, will pay for the maintenance of the elderly homes and the Ayadina Center.